AJ Auto began business as a sole trader organization with local distribution of domestic car parts and second-hand car sales. Operating for over seven years in Pune, AJ Auto progressively drew attention amongst dealers and direct customers, for an honest approach towards the business.

Founded by Alexander Johnson, a British citizen settled in India, AJ Auto quickly grew as a brand and soon incorporated first as a partnership firm and later into a private limited company. Today with a fully operational workshop facility to the tune of 4000 sq. ft. and 10 employees under their brand, they continue to spread their wings to the mass audience of luxury high-end car customers.

AJ Auto's customer care office is located in Fatimanagar minutes away from the workshop facility, where customers can contact our local team incase of any updates or information required with respect to their vehicles.

Our progress in the Indian market has been a challenging and lengthy process, now with over 70 cars in our care since the first quarter of 2008, we look to progress even further with new cars and customers in the future.

At AJ Auto, you will enjoy our personal service whilst a professional file is maintained for each customer and car that comes to our garage, with each and every matter/issue being documented for future reference. We are only a call away for anything!